April 2019 – Leaving Las Vegas Heading to The Grand Canyon

We finally left Boulder Beach after a month of doing and spending a lot and headed to the Grand Canyon. The weather forecast in GC had been good for the past 2 weeks, but 2 days before we left a storm materialized from the NW showing temperatures of 40/25 degrees with winds of 30 mph and wind gusts of 60 mph.. Chris had looked at the webcam for GC and the winds had made it invisible, according to the weather map we would have one morning when the weather would be calm and sunny, so off we went

We decided to boondock just outside Williams AZ in the Kaibab National Forest, about 60 miles from the Grand Canyon

Can’t tell, it was flurrying a bit when we arrived

It was open prairie land with just a handful of campers

On Thursday morning it was a brisk 35 degrees but sunny, so we ventured on

Because we arrived so early, there were no lines to get into the park, and we were able to jump on a shuttle to get our first glimpse from the overview

Just awesome

Just a snippet of the Colorado River can be seen

We walked a mile on the narrow south rim trail. We’d read about 3 people falling off the edge the week before and could see how easily that could happen.

We’d seen a herd of elk sleeping on the side of the road from the shuttle bus, but as we were walking, they suddenly appeared on the trail. We gave them a wide berth

There’s a train that runs from Williams to the Grand Canyon, but at $300 a piece we decided to drive instead

We did wave them off before heading to the Pine Country Restaurant for breakfast

While on the shuttle bus, we did meet a few people who’d hiked up and down the canyon, and one couple who’d spent a week camping at the bottom. “Good for them”, we said, we’re neither campers nor outdoorsy. We’re “glamping city folk”

That to be put to the test more as we venture into Utah, Chris just realized that for the next 2 months our only shopping will be the occasional Walmart and Dollar Store and she’s running out of Brooke Bond PG Tips (English Tea)