April 2021 – Let’s Put This Month Behind Us – Human and Machine Servicing

We headed back to Boulder City NV to pay the doctor a quick visit, get Chris’s bike serviced and the coach serviced. The drive from Yuma is 4 hours, way over our limit, so an hour to Quartzsite, perfect! 


We needed a new compressor for the Oasis hydronic heat and hot water system which had failed 2 weeks prior in Yuma.  The tech, Jason of Accurate RV and Marine Supply, was based out of Parker AZ and went to Yuma only 1 day a week. We were finding it hard to find one and even IRTHeat (the company that makes the system) were out of them. Eventually we found one and got it overnighted to us in Yuma and the tech said he could do the work in Quartzsite the day after we got there. So, first service done.






Another desert sunset

Once we took care of that it was time to move on. Another hour north is Laughlin NV. , not our favorite town but quite convenient for our purposes. The Riverside Casino across the street provides RV parking for quite a reasonable rate. It’s amazing how many snowbirds spend their winters here and all day gambling.


The hot weather was following us, so we were anxious to keep moving. Plus, not long after we arrived, our newest neighbor informed us that his friend, whose spot we were parked in,  had passed from COVID he contracted at the casino. So, we shut our doors and ventured out sparingly.


This is such a narrow stretch of the Colorado River that only jet skis are able to maneuver and the jet ski rental operations are plentiful on the other side of the river in Bullhead City AZ.  






Another 2 hour drive brought us back to our familiar and much loved campground of Boulder Beach on Lake Mead, where we were able to snag one of our favorite spots that has water provided and great exposure of the sun for our solar panels, so generator use would be at a minimal, unless A/C was needed.


While there, we went to our usual haunts. A quick visit to the doc to get the “all clear” for another 6 months and get Chris’s bike fixed with parts they ordered back in November.

The restaurants appeared to be catering more to outside dinning, which was perfect. 


We tried a new Mexican restaurant in Boulder City, Big T’s Cantina,  as our Dam Taco Truck was closed until after we were leaving.


The food was delicious and plentiful and the coconut, jalapeño margarita was out of this world.


Finally arrived at National Indoor RV Center and the “campground” at the rear of the building. There were only one or two of us when we arrived, but before nightfall the lot was practically full. This was Sunday and we all have appointments Monday morning. Oh Joy!



At NIRVC Las Vegas


First thing Monday the service advisors arrive to write up and place tape at the issue areas you’ve sent them ahead of time. Although the appointment was made 5 months ago, that’s how far out they’re booked, you can’t add items to your list as it will hold everyone up. A policy we’ll revisit during what was to be a 16 day stay. For example, our entry steps had broken recently and we were taking our lives in our hands when getting in and out.

Once the advisors leave, the valets come to take the coach shortly after and return it at 5 pm., day after day after day. We were then left with the struggle to find something to do that didn’t break the bank, considering we were in a more industrial area of Las Vegas. 


NIRVC campground


The inside storage area is massive and holds about 300 coaches. 


NIRVC storage space

Once the chassis service was completed, 2 days later, they began the diagnostics and determined we needed parts they didn’t have and had to be ordered. Why not do the diagnostics and order the parts before the service, we asked? Nobody available, was the lame answer. So day after day we waited,  had to cancel the one camping reservation we’d made in St. George UT for the following  week. Had to drive the 2 hours up there anyway as we’d already had our mail shipped there in anticipation. No chance of another reservation, all booked.

A quiet respite to indulge in a hot fudge sundae in St.George


Another day, while waiting for parts we went down the road  and had our tires replaced. This activity  took no time, so back to the “campground” and hear tales of woe from other coach owners, and boy did we hear some. 


New coach sneakers



Ted Wiens Tires


One highlight during our stay was finding a terrific Indian restaurant, with all tables being 6’ apart, plus we’ll always make an exception for a good Indian. What a spread!




We  finally found a golf course that was reasonably priced,  and as usual with all our protocols in place, at the 2nd hole we hear the familiar, “can I play with  you guys”?


It wasn’t the best course, as all balls rolled to the right into the gulley, so you lost a lot of balls and got frustrated, but it killed another 4 hours at least.


It was a nice facility, with driving range, chipping and putting areas. But they’d run out of hot dogs when we got to the turn, something that should never happen.


So now we’re in day 14,  National Indoor have completed their work and presented their final and hefty bill. We could have bought a cheap car for that price. One of the items to be looked at and fixed was the dash fan that was screaming at us while we were “Rollin Down The Road” and the dash A/C. The dealer stated that we needed to go to Freightliner to fix this. Of course the worst case scenario arose, the compressor was bad and had to be replaced. At least they had one and a fine guest area to meet more people with issues. The fan portion, Freightliner stated it was a Newmar issue, so back to our service writer and a call to Newmar and they confirmed this. Now we have wasted a week where we could have had this fan ordered and replaced. Well it is still screaming at us. arrrggg….




We returned to our “campground” and as Steve was backing into our spot, the engine was screaming like a banshee and smoke was billowing out the back. Ok now what? Back to Freightliner the next day to have it looked at (day 16). An issue with the freon hose and a valve that Freightliner had removed in newer years, caused a leak.  Ok another full day. At least we found another restaurant,  Pho Mai Mai and it was really good.

Time to be “Leaving Las Vegas”…


2 thoughts on “April 2021 – Let’s Put This Month Behind Us – Human and Machine Servicing

  1. Oh, the joys of getting an RV fixed! April was quite the month for your Newmar! Can’t believe you booked the appointment 5 months ago! Our front steps failed last September. We had to tie them up so we could drive. Mark ordered a new step motor from Tiffin and installed it and it was as good as new again. It was fun to read your blog as we knew most of the places you visited and some new restaurants to check out when we are in the area again. Hope your RV is “good to go” for awhile so you can enjoy traveling again. Hope our paths pass again but until we do, drive safely and enjoy this big country!


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