November 2020 – Turkey Time

We moved from Nevada to Arizona for the start of our winter stay in Yuma. We were quite concerned about spending time at Del Pueblo wondering how the “residents” were responding to the pandemic. Snowbirds come from many of the states we’d been through ie; South Dakota and Wyoming where COVID was considered a hoax in many of the towns we visited. So what protocols would be in place for the activities, and more importantly would they be adhered to? We’d have to wait and see.
On the way to Yuma we stopped at Cattail Cove State Park in Lake Havasu City AZ. A nice campground but very crowded with families starting to gather for Thanksgiving.

There was a lovely beach area within 100 yards of our site located on the west side of Lake Havasu.


We stayed for a couple of days then moved on to Quartzsite where there was no one within half a mile of us. It won’t fill up here until January when they have the Rock and Tent shows.


It seemed like a good idea at the time, so we bought a turkey tenderloin for Thanksgiving. Turkey in a box with all the trimmings.
When we think back to the kitchen we had in Georgia, with the huge island, every appliance known, plus double ovens, many compromises have had to be made In this kitchen, but we make it work, and probably save a lot of cash and unwanted food. Why did we need three pies for the two us, we were just being overindulgent?

An all-inclusive turkey dinner from Trader Joe’s, then we opened it. It didn’t look terribly appetizing, but it was all we had. The only thing good about it was the cleanup was easy.

Trader Joe’s all encompassing Turkey


Not the best tasting item we have had from Trader Joe’s, so I guess we’ll try something else next year. The most important thing is we’re still very thankful for this lifestyle we’ve chosen, and can’t imagine sticks and bricks ownership again. 


Desert sunsets are pretty and usually unobstructed

With turkey day over and a trip to Silly Al’s for pizza accomplished it was time to move on again and drive the hour into Yuma.

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