June – 2018 Carrabelle Beach

We made it to our weeks vacation spot at Carrabelle Beach RV Resort and it was HOT!!

Carrabelle is a small fishing village 20 miles east of Apalachicola. The “resort” is across the street from the beach, which is littered with a few houses, but none of high rise condos that dot the landscape in other towns on the Gulf. Hence, the beach is usually empty apart from a smattering of fisherman and a couple of people from our campground

View from the road and path to the beach

Rental/for sale cottages on stilts. Our view from the windshield

The beach is just across the road through a little path for our side of the resort

It was uncomfortably hot while we were there, hence the empty beaches.

Below, is the Carrabelle Police Station. It used to have a phone, but too many abusers making long distance calls, forced them to remove it

The Police Station

We sampled all the local restaurants, The Pearle being a particular favorite for the grouper and Lynnes Oysters in East Pointe, 10 miles west, but worth the trip.

We popped over to St George’s Island for a look around and easily accessed by bridge. The island  is 22 miles wide and consisting mostly of natural shoreline which is state owned. The main town had a lighthouse, a few shops and 2 or 3 small hotels. and dozens of rental homes. The rest of the island, about 20 miles of it was deserted.

Light house on St George Island

Beach front shot gun cottages on St George