February – 2018 Bye-Bye House

We made the ultimate decision to sell our house and live in the RV full time!!!

So the plan was to sell the house, move to the RV, wait for Steve to retire/quit and start our journey around North America for as long as we enjoyed the life style.

It was a tough decision and one that we wavered on for several weeks/months. We loved our house, but every time we came home from a trip in the RV, we wondered why we were living in 5,200 sq ft, only using a quarter of it, and really enjoyed life in 400 sq.ft.

How could we give this up

The fact that more updates were needed to the house, and another $60K would need to be spent, was the key to the final decision. We’ve lived here for 20 years now it’s time for someone else’s touch.

We contacted the agent that sold us the house originally and she advised us to put it on the market immediately after Christmas. We thought it would probably take a few months to sell and we’d be out in the spring.

We sold it in 5 days, January 5th. at full asking price.

Fortunately the buyer let us stay through February.which allowed us time to get rid of all our “stuff”. Downsizing was a monstrous task and took 2 months. We were extremely lucky that the new buyers bought all the basement furniture plus the master bedroom and office furniture. Getting rid of stuff that we’d never used or didn’t even know we had was an eye-opener and a lesson in commercialism and sheer waste.

All we left fits into a 5’x5′ storage room, photos, books and paintings that Chris absolutely couldn’t part with

Old house meets new home!

So we secured an extended spot at Twin Lakes RV Park, in Cumming GA, which is just 9 miles from Steve’s office, which he wanted to be close to in case he had an urge to visit at any time. Although he’s supposed to go into the office 2-3 days a week, he’s yet to comply so far this year

Our home lot

The Twin Lakes in the distance

Although we’re only 23 miles from our old house, the new neighborhood is vastly different, as are the demographics, we’re now in the young and wealthy  region of town, ie:  we’ve replaced Honda and Ford with Porsche and Maserati

The downside to selling our house so quickly, was spending the winter months glamping. and of course this was the year that produced a longer, colder and wetter winter in Georgia.

Oh well, no going back now.