March 2017 – Off to the Everglades

We moved south down to the Everglades after 3 month stint at Torrey Oaks Golf and RV Resort.

Not a big site. Had to slide around to get the slides out and not hit some trees

Midway Campground in the Big Cypress National Preserve, halfway between Tampa and Miami



Bird feeding frenzy

One of our neighbors

Alligator waiting for his Meals On Wheels (bicyclists)



Tri-Colored Heron (I think)


Went down to the southern most point to Everglades National Park, Flamingo Campground area. We took a boat tour to see some wild life and interesting mangroves

It was really buggy in Flamingo Park, the only mosquitoes or any any bug we saw our entire trip.


American Crocodile


Alligator in the bay on our boat tour

Big Crock


We then moved about 30 miles down the Tamiami Trail to Collier-Seminole State Park

We had a pull through site, although the setup was kind of weird as the picnic table was setup on the driver side.

Met some very friendly people, and we all shared our travel stories.

Had to move to another pull through site, so another opportunity to meet people and share tales from the road



Drove down to Everglades City to take an airboat tour.

Wind in our hair. These things are loud, but they provide headsets


The capt’ would be doing 45 to 50 down these narrow channels. Woo Hoo

Baby raccoons in the Mangroves


Hard to see, but those were 2 Manatees

While we in the area we drove to the east side of Marco Island to a little town of Goodland, about 10 miles away. Found a really nice place called the “Little Bar”, bar and restaurant with live music on the water.

1 thought on “March 2017 – Off to the Everglades

  1. Wow, were you really at that other place for three months? You’re becoming more than “Some-timers” now! Chris looks like the jury is still out on that boat tour. LOL! Looks like you kids are having fun!


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