March 2017 – Naples, Florida

Having spent 3 lively and active months at Torrey Oaks RV and Golf Resort, we decided to try resorts in Naples and Sarasota to determine if there was an advantage to paying $300.00 to $600.00 per month more. We found the major difference was the outside amenities as opposed to the events and activities inside the resort. As Newbies to the  “in season”  resort life style we have been amazed as to what Northerners and North of the border folks get up to in winter

We were fortunate to get a deal for Naples at the Tampa RV Super Show, so we could take a peek and compare. We were 20 min from the beach compared to an hour in Bowling Green. Our local shops were not just Wally World and Winne Dixie, also the choice of restaurants were more then just Bert’s BBQ or Wendy’s.

The comparisons did not stop there.  ……

Four days before we arrived a forest fire broke out surrounding the resort on 3 sides and the resort was evacuated. Fortunately for us, the fire and smoke was gone when we arrived and no-one was harmed.


We were promised a pull-through – this is what we were given

Our neighbor, “T” was a tanned, slim, long-haired beauty, who appeared the following morning as a white, skinny bald man.  Each to his/her own.

All sites here were pretty tight, except the pull-thru’s up front

A Saturday drive around Naples brought us to Cambier Park, where we found a jazz band playing with Lou Delgado as the guest sax player, and a craft fair right around the corner


Next headed to find some sand and water

We were finally moved to a pull-thru site, close to the activities and most important the pickleball courts.


Unfortunately the golf courses around the area are so expensive, we elected not play and decided to eat well instead. Went to dinner at a fabulous Peruvian restaurant and couldn’t  resist Sushi-Thai Too on 5th Avenue ( downtown Naples ) they didn’t disappoint.

Lot’s of side-walk dining here, as you would expect

Plus the odd Rolls Royce. Saw many fancy shmaciy cars while we were here


Our meal at  Sushi-Thai Too

On Friday, Steve’s good friend, Capt Dave arrived for their co-birthdays. We celebrated the big event with a lovely meal at the “Little Bar” in Goodland, Marco Island

In summary, Naples is a beautiful city and the park was nice and the people and staff were great. The additional cost to be closer to the beach and outside amenities is awfully tempting, but I assume these campers are not golfers. Everyone at this resort loved it, but I don’t know that it’s for us.

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