January – March 2017 – Torrey Oaks, Bowling Green, FL

The resort we would be living in for a couple of months was only 35 miles from our last stop. When we arrived, we were greeted warmly by the staff and our neighbor Val, stopped by to say “Hi”.

Nice level site. Hole #8 teee box to the back of us

Nice level site. Hole #8 tee box to the back of us


Val and her husband Roland were in the campsite to the right, our neighbors on the left Debbie and Fred only visited at the weekend from Cape Coral and left the trailer empty during the week


It was a beautiful park, about 200 sites andvery well kept, work-campers running around all day to tidy up

What we didn’t know, was that resorts like this pull out all the stops when it comes to entertaining their guests, mostly from Canada and Northern US. We were given a list of activities that ran the gamut. We had an on-site chef who catered dinner every Saturday night which always had a theme, as well as a bake shop for baked bread, muffins and cookies every Monday. He also did lunch once a week.

This is one of the dinners, we had to bring our own cutlery and drinks.

New Years Eve Dinner

And always dancing and a DJ after dinner. This is Chris trying to keep up with the line-dancers on the first night. There were line dancing classes every week which Chris joined, something she’d always wanted to do.

Chris trying to line dance

We went to the Florida State Fair in Tampa

Florida State Fair

Every Monday evening, we had Jam Night, where musicians and singers would congregate

Monday Jam Session

Impromptu concert/jam (our tour bus in the background)

Every day started with yoga or aerobics, followed by pickle-ball, water aerobics, and golf.

Each activity had it’s own teacher, and they even had 2 resident golf pros

There were organized bike and kayaking trips, There was a choir, a hairdresser and the local produce farmers would arrive once a week with fresh produce

Every day at 4pm was cocktail time, with people gathered and socializing at various sites before dinner

Unfortunately Steve was working every day so couldn’t participate in many activities, but Chris made up for it participating in everything Torrey Oaks had to offer.

Chris has become addicted to pickle-ball

She has her game face on

Took a trip down to Punta Gorda to visit Steve’s long lost and birthday sharing buddy Dave Goss

Capt’ Dave’s vessel

Capt’ Dave

Hanging at the “Center Of The Universe” in Punta Gorda

Dave’s backyard

Peace River sunset

Chris is still dancing till the last night before we leave. I guess all those line dancing lesson sunk in.

Dinner with our Canadian neighbors eh

We were having such fun and enjoying the company of our new friends that we extended our stay for an additional two weeks.

It was sheer luck that we selected Torrey Oaks, and we picked well. A really super experience, we’ll be back sometime.

So we had a RV success to a previous RV failure we mentioned in our Cedar Key post. Now being in the RV park capital of the world (Florida) we were able to get a RV Technician Stewart’s Mobile Village Inc to come to our RV and repair our washing machine Woo Hoo!  We get to save on quarters. I had to fight with the company that makes the washer to get them to pay for the repair for a machine that was broken before we could even use it (thanks to Lad from Splendide)

Dryer and toilet out to repair the washer

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  1. Oh, you crack me up with that line dancing. And I should have known Chris would be a Pickle Ball natural! You guys are becoming more RV-ish than me! And you’ve been holding out on me with Captain Dave…does he need crew? 😉

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