October 2018 – “Remember the Alamo” – San Antonio

Two hours west on I-10 we reached San Antonio and the Alamo City RV Park. Its on the east side of town (not the best) but does have a bus that stops right outside and drops you off at the Alamo for $2.50 pprt. with transfers to other buses in town. Also, a good restaurant down the road that does a mean Huevos Rancheros for $2.99.  Awesome AT&T speeds too

San Antonio is a city like Atlanta was 20 years ago. Not many sights to see, thousands of tourists and if you stray outside of the tourist areas, you wish you hadn’t. The highways around and though the city are fabulous, I can only think there were no speed limits, and traffic, like Atlanta was horrendous at times.



The Alamo

The Alamo is free to enter, and had a very informative video about the battle and characters involved. Chris found herself confused at times as to who the good guys were.

We found the Riverwalk by walking down some steps, through the Hyatt, opening a door at the rear and there we were. We were there on a hot Saturday afternoon and it appeared to be all restaurants and tourists , at least the part we saw, it has been expanded for 8 miles so I’m sure it has more attractive parts.

Start of the River Walk area through the Hyatt Hotel

The next day we headed north to the Hill Country.  Driving about an hour to Fredericksburg which was founded on May 8, 1846 by German immigrants under the Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas. Fredericksburg is also known for its wineries. The city’s German heritage is on display at the Pioneer Museum, which features settlers’ homesteads and artifacts. It also houses the National Museum of the Pacific War features WWII exhibits, including a recreated combat zone

First things first though and lunch at Der Lindenbaum

Der Lindenbaum


Knockwurst and Bratwurst. A good German lunch.

We stopped at the Texas Rangers Heritage Center just down the road and learned their history from an expert volunteer

On our drive Chris wanted to see some Texas Long Horns. Well we finally found some

Longhorns apparently produce very tough meat, so they are either bred with Angus or Hereford cattle.

Lesson learned: no talk of cows and farms, change to cattle and ranches

Driving down the road to LBJ State Park, Steve caught a glimpse of his family name out of the corner of his eye  on a sign. Low and behold there is a Texan contingent of the Signor family name and they were wine makers. The upstate New York Signors owned and operated a dairy, so some sort of libations are ingrained.

This is our bottle

Outside seating for wine tasting

Or sit at the bar and talk to a distant cousin, maybe

Tasting room

Further along the road we came upon Lyndon B Johnson’s birthplace, home and cemetery in the now LBJ State Park .


Air Force 1 1/2. He would fly Air Force One into Austin then fly 1 1/2 into his ranch.

The house was very unassuming and in such a peaceful setting

The Western White House

On our way back to San Antonio we stopped at a re-knowned butcher and stocked up on meats. Now we have plenty of steaks and hamburger meats to throw on the grill at any time.



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