October 2018 – Still Heading West

We appear to be just one step ahead of bad weather this month. We missed the brunt of Hurricane Michael by a few days as we had moved to New Orleans from Florida, then just moved from San Antonio when the floods did some really bad damage in the area we’d just visited.

We left San Antonio and headed to Seminole Canyon State Park for an over night stay, We had our minds set on Big Bend National Park and this area en route looked like an  interesting stop

It was a long drive, about 4 hours on Route 90 west and on the way we stopped in Uvalde for an egg/bean and chile breakfast burrito.

The landscape changed dramatically from the hilly fields and wineries of west central Texas to wild gorse bush and canyons further west

This is Amistad International reservoir and dam. Its on the Rio Grande river and just north of Del Rio. Amistad, whose name is derived from the Spanish word for ‘friendship’ and is managed jointly by the governments of both United States and Mexico

Amistad Reservoir


Seminole Canyon State Park

Our first siting of cactus

Scrub Flora

We are now very close to the Mexican border and are seeing many inspection stations, checking on our nationality and number of people in the coach. We’ve also seen signs warning about picking up hitchhikers, but no sign of a “wall” yet

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