October 2018 – Off to the Lone Star State

Next state West, Texas...

The GoodYear blimp over Beaumont

Our first stop in Texas was the Stephen F. Austin State Park in San Felipe, TX. just past Houston. We decided to just use Houston as a stop over as we have been there several times before.

Stephen F Austin State Park

We were the only residents in our loop. Even the Camp Host spot across from our site was vacant of an RV.


We did have some wildlife other then the squirrels throwing acorns on our roof

One of 2 deer hanging out

We have been on the road now for 2 weeks and felt like 2 months, but in a good way. There is always something to see, do and folks to talk to. If we were traveling by car/air and staying in hotels, we would be exhausted by now. Yet we are very relaxed and Steve is settling into retirement life style well.


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