October 2018 – Rollin’ a little more West in Louisiana

Another 2 hour drive west brought us to the town of Duson, 5 miles west of Lafayette LA where the French language is still quite prevalent about 14% of the people in the area still converse in French

Our campground for next 2 days was at the Frog City RV Park within walking distance of 3 casinos. No Las Vegas glitz here, these are hard-core, “We cash pay checks, pull up a chair”

All the sites were pull-throughs and level, they had a pool, and once again we were greeted by a guy from RVillage from Oakland CA.


Our spot at Frog City RV Park

We spent the afternoon in the pool and that evening we drove to Steve and Pat’s Bon Temps restaurant in south Lafayette on a ‘yelp’ recommendation which came up trumps. Great meatloaf, gumbo and the best bread pudding with bananas foster sauce

Great bread pudding at Steve and Pat’s Bon Temps

The next day we took a tour of the surrounding area.  We drove south to Abbeville which had a beautiful town square, but nothing else we could find, even the tourist office was closed.

Old Oak trees in the center square

We drove through a couple of deserted towns which ‘wiki” had touted as places to visit, but unfortunately all we found was an abundance of law offices and closed storefronts and between each town, row after row of sugar cane

A lot of sugar cane crops in this area

Lafayette is at a higher elevation than the surrounding southern towns, which have suffered the consequences of the hurricanes and floods

it wasn’t until we arrived in New Iberia that we found signs of life and stopped for lunch at Clementine on Main. Actually we were accosted by the owner outside and we of course couldn’t not go in, “just come in and see the bar” he said, so we went in and tried his seafood bisque and gumbo. we learned all about the history of the establishment. He was just thrilled to have listeners/customers.

Clementine on Main in New Iberia

The following evening was one Chris had been eagerly anticipating. We began eating at Chef Roy’s Frog City Cafe and yes Steve did have frogs legs.

The greeter at Chef Roy’s Frog City Cafe

Stuffed mushrooms and coconut shrimp appetizers

OK, this was what Chris was anticipating. We weren’t here on the best night, Fri or Sat , but this would work, “Cajun Jam Night” at the Blue Moon Saloon in downtown Lafayette.It was supposed to start at 9pm , we were a tad early and the place was already swinging. The stage and players were jamming away. As more players arrived they overflowed onto the crowded dance floor.

Entrance to the Blue Moon Saloon

A hole in the wall off the beaten path

Wednesday night jam


The accordionist in the center is quite famous around town, as he and his family build piano –accordions in Eunice LA, where the Cajun Music Hall of Fame is located.

One young lady showed up with just a triangle while lady on the far right doubled with fiddle and drums.

Chris was persuaded to dance by a very polite southern gent. It was another great night of entertainment with talented individuals


2 thoughts on “October 2018 – Rollin’ a little more West in Louisiana

  1. Hi guys, good to hear from you. I was in new Iberia some years back. They were celebrating 400 years since founding. Fun and welcoming folks.

    We are off to Boston tomorrow being tourists and leaf peepers. Happy trais
    Cj and greg


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