September 2018 – Sweet Home Alabama

We left Atlanta on September 22nd. and headed south to Gulf Shores AL. On our way out of town, we experienced our last of Atlanta traffic jams, it took us about an hour to travel 20 miles on a Saturday no less, weekends are when all the road construction occurs, so there are no breaks

As soon as we left the RV park that we’ve called home for past 6 months we became officially “homeless”, and we had decided  to claim Florida as our new domicile. Florida is very popular with people like us, those living on boats and working on cruises. We and many other RVers are using St. Brendan’s Isle  as mail forwarders, so they collect our mail and send it wherever we tell them


These guys were towing so many damaged cars, each pick-up truck was towing 2 or 3 cars. They were either moving to a new junk yard or driving them south of the border, as our friend and favorite landscaper does from time to time.

South of the boarder bound?

Our first stop was at The Woods RV Park and Campground in Montgomery AL. A quick overnighter

Pretty level pull through site. Easy In/out, perfect for a one-night layover

Our next stop for a week and our base for taking care of business was our first Escapee’s RV park in Summerdale AL. Rainbow Plantation

We were just 40 minutes from Pensacola, Fl. so decided to take advantage of the $140 per week rate. Very nice park, clean and well taken care of. This was originally a potato field that was purchased and lots sold off at $7K.

Fairly level and large sand/grass site

Another piece of business was to register Chris into Medicare, now that Steve has retired, she needs healthcare. A good opportunity to drive into the local town of Fairhope and look around

Town of Fairhope. Brick pavers with personal messages


View of Mobile across Mobile Bay from Fairhope

Fairhope is a nice little town in Mobile Bay, they even have a French Quarter, a mini New Orleans with the wrought iron balconies

Most of our time in the area was business oriented, and it poured with rain most of the time, but between showers we managed to eat and check out the beach.


Went to a good restaurant in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores called Sea-N-Suds

Oysters were awesome!!

Orange Beach

We popped over to Mobile to see the USS Alabama. What a big boat!!

USS Alabama

Now we’re all legal, it’s time to travel west and move to our next destination In Louisiana


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