September – 2018 Time to be “Rollin Down the Road”

In a couple of days we will be leaving GA, with no plans to return in the near future. This is it! The house and contents are gone and Steve has retired, so there’s nothing stopping us now

It’s been 28 years years since we moved to the Atlanta suburbs from Brooklyn N.Y. back in 1990. We bought a house about an hour North of Atlanta, population at the time 500.  Boy, what a culture shock!!  No longer would we talk fast, walk fast not looking people in the eye as you passed them.  We were suddenly in a world where strangers talked to you.  We were in a coffee shop one morning and someone walked in and said “hi how y’all doing?” Our immediate thought was either we knew them or they were panhandling.

We have had a good life here, worked hard, met some wonderful people and had good times.  Moving to the West side of town for the last 6 months was a pleasant change. There was a wealth of activities for Chris, pickelball, golf league, swimming, hiking/cycling trails, and a ton of restaurants to sample.

Indoor Pickleball court @ Fowler Park. Just 1/4 mile from the RV Park. The Smashing Pickles have 35 members, and play 3 days a week, Tuesday (this pic) is beginners day.

Cumming Aquatic Center with Olympic size pool, a smaller pool for games and lessons, plus outdoor pool with seating

Hiking trail at Sawnee Mountain

The view from Indian Seats lookout

We’ve tested living full-time in the coach for 6 months now, and it works fine for us. In fact, I think we prefer it for now. Few responsibilities and belongings, certainly no stress. Steve just has to work on the retirement groove.

Now it’s time to store the outdoor furniture and BBQ grill, bring in the slides, start the engine and start “Rollin Down The Road”

1 thought on “September – 2018 Time to be “Rollin Down the Road”

  1. Hey Steve, I am very sorry for missing your “retirement” lunch. At the time, I did not know that was the actual purpose of the lunch and had a meeting conflict. Sorry to see you go. I am sure you are going to enjoy your new life and a nomad. Look forward to updates on your site! – Bill C


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