August – 2017 Our Main Destination 1000 Islands!

Every trip we take begins with a destination in mind and once confirmed we build an itinerary around it.  In this case it was 1000 Islands on the St Lawrence River, where Steve spent some fun weekends with his BFF Calvin and other friends.

Last time we were here was in 2011, and it left a lasting memory.

Murray Island has been home to Calvin’s family for generations. His father, Sonny, remembers his grandfather bringing people to the island by boat, and one of the family was born here. Sonny reflected this week that he was now the oldest on the island but still loves to spend his summers on his seat on the upper deck watching his children and grandchildren and all their friends having a wonderful time.

Unfortunately, weather wasn’t on our side this weekend, but every time it stopped raining, everyone would appear from their homes and gather on the deck. There were about 25 of us

Calvin and Steve

Lorie chillaxing on the boat ride to Clayton

Lorie, our hostess with the mostest. Thank you Lorie for making our visit so memorable.

The Bellegarde “compound” consists of 5 cabins, the latest house 2 doors down was purchased by another member of the clan

Jennet and The Captain

Family and friends come and go all day by boat and the several dogs meet and greet.

It’s a little difficult to determine who’s related to who here , but it doesn’t matter, they’re all family

The Captain chatting up Chris, as he always does

Rachael trying to get any acknowledgement from Kelly as she speaks to her.

Storms coming in

And another boat is arriving with 5 more people

No AT&T at the site. It kept connecting to Telus in Canada. Had 1 – 2 bars on Murray Island

Took forever to get it level

Took a boat ride over to Clayton, such a quaint little town


Small 198 ft $75 mil yacht in Clayton. The Blue Moon



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