July 2017 – “Back In The New York Groove”

New York State the reason for this seasons trip, and on the way to our first stop, Syracuse. So exciting, driving up I-81 through Cortland. Chris spent the first 4 years in the US in Cortland NY and met some really wonderful people and probably the craziest period of her life. Well, Chris got married here, that should tell you something.

This was  a bit of a last minute stop as we plan to visit nearby on the way back. But Chris contacting old friends that she hadn’t seen in so long and an immediate invitation to lunch made her realize that we made the right decision to stop. Even from the highway she could see how Cortland had changed in 35 years, Surprise!!!! But the surrounding countryside hadn’t, still as beautiful as ever

We arrived in Syracuse and pulled into the Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville

Not very good AT&T signal here 1 – 2 bars maybe 3 at times.

Tucked away in the trees. Vanna err Chris presenting our coach

Green Lake

Down the lake a bit looking at the swimming area and beach

There are two big lakes here, hiking and biking trails, and a big draw from locals.

Our site doesn’t have water or sewer, so needed to dump and fill the water tanks. The park road is tight with trees across from the site and pulling out Steve clipped a tree on the site and ripped the patio awning arm loose (DAMN). His navigator was busy haveing fun with friends in Cortland so unavailable for assistance.

RV/Driver failure

Called around to look for a mobile RV service and found 1 RV Pro Tech in Minoa which was 5 miles away!!! Pete did a temporary fix with pipe clamps and zip ties until we can get a replacement arm down the road.

Pete Bronson (wife Pat) of RV Pro Tech to the rescue.

The Tree, the DAMN Tree


Lunch with the girls

So while Steve was hanging out with his broken awning, Chris was hanging out with Louisa and Jane in Homer NY. What a wonderful time, having spent so much time with them in the past it suddenly seemed so easy to talk and talk, talk, talk.

The incident with the selfie stick was another story.

Fortunately we’ll be spending time with them Labor Day weekend

1 thought on “July 2017 – “Back In The New York Groove”

  1. How nice to know others have awning malfunctions. We are having a really busy, but great summer. Life at the lake is good. Keep in touch. Cj and greg


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