July 2017 – Headed to the Land Of Chocolate, Hershey Pa.

We stopped for 1 night at Jonestown PA KOA for the sole purpose of going to Hershey Chocolate Factory.


We went on the Chocolate tour and spent $20 to sample 4 mini bars of chocolate as taste testers.  It was 9pm and the place was mobbed. People walking by with shopping carts full of chocolate, you’d have thought the buying the last batch of chocolate ever to be made.

The line for the tour – how did we handle it?

The singing cows

The factory Tour (NOT!!)

Been there, done that, won’t be back

Our spot. Not very nice, a bit too up close and personal

Steve chats with fellow Newmar owner (licking his chops over the newer coach)

KOA was OK, first we’d been to. Prices are more than we’d normally pay, but they do offer services not found in other parks. They had a kitchen, quite an extensive menu and delivery if needed. We asked for an egg and sausage biscuit the morning we left but the kitchen didn’t know how to cook eggs. Not sure if we’ll use them again, maybe in an emergency

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