October 2016 – On our way to Cedar Key, FL

We decided to see if we could do a month in the new home on wheels, and make sure Steve felt comfortable working and all his equipment worked satisfactorily.

We stopped in Arabi Ga.,  our first campground on our exodus to Florida. One lesson learned her was to pack some food or pick a campground that has restaurants close by.  We have a pantry/residential refrigerator/freezer and forgot to fill it before we left. What were we thinking!


First site for one night at Southern Gates RV Park & Campground in Arabi Ga


Headed to our next destination Cedar Key Florida

Lesson learned set up your GPS to use highway routes as primary. 315 miles on secondary roads made for a much longer drive time wise. Every time we got on the highway our GPS would bark at us to get off the highway.  Doah!!

When we finally arrived, we unhooked the toad only to find that the battery is dead. Panic!! Called road side assistance and pay $45 for a jump start. Why didn’t we just jump the toad off the coach battery! A lesson in panicking and rushing, just think it through first, and perhaps go to Walmart and get 20′ jumper cables.

What we didn’t know at this stage was that every campground offers work-campers or hosts that can help in most situations.

Another lesson learned is to make sure everything works before you leave the dealer.  If you have a Sleep Number mattress, make sure that the air pump is plugged in because you have to take apart the top of the bed structure to plug it in. We did it, but not before we thought we might have to take the bedroom apart to do it.That accomplished we then find that the washing machine door is locked and will not unlock to do laundry. This was not a problem easily resolved. It would not get resolved for another 3 months as we could not get any repair company to come to our coach to try and fix it.

Cedar Key RV Resort was a really great campground. Sites were very well spaced and level concrete pads and patios. The staff were very nice and helpful. As this was off season there were no activities going on. Not sure if they have any in season either though. The town of Cedar Key was 7 miles away and offered numerous shops and restaurants, but off season and post hurricane, some had limited hours. After 3 weeks Chris was absolutely bored as Steve was working, and there was little to do. A cruise around the islands was about it. So we moved on a week early. Had very good AT&T cellular signal and all was good with work.


Next site for 3 weeks in Cedar Key RV Resort

img_1313  img_1300Cedar Key produces 90% of the country’s little-neck clams, so they’re very inexpensive and fresh off the boats. The cedar trees here were used to make pencils many years ago. The would make the wood casings and send them up north for the graphiteimg_1301

Chris finds someone to play with for the day

We left Cedar Key and drove North to Eufaula Al. We were in need of fuel and took an exit that later we wished we didn’t  as it was very tight busy roads and there was no way we to pull into any of the gas stations with our massive motorcade. We then got back on the highway to find a truck stop. We found a Flying J, only we missed the lane by a foot, caused by indecision and on how the pumps were set up. We had to reverse, but that’s not usually an option while towing a car, but with the help of a big rig driver it was handled and we fueled up.

Finally arrived at our next destination and once again the battery on the toad was dead, but this time we were ready and jumped into action.

Lakepoint Resort is a pretty big park with 3 different loops and all the sites were pull-through. Great AT&T cell signal. It’s located just outside the town of Eufaula  AL. with it’s magnolia tree lined streets and rows of antebellum houses it’s a great place to explore and tour the homes and old cemetery.


Our site at Lakepoint RV Resort and Campground State Park in Eufaula, AL

Unfortunately, as we were about to leave, we stopped at the park gate to hook up the car and someone had left the keys in the car with it running, and it locked. Once again we panicked, called roadside assistance with 1 bar on the cellphone. No luck, they couldn’t find anyone open to help, it was Sunday. They even tried the local police but they didn’t answer.
Then we remembered the work-campers and called the front office. Someone came within 10 minutes armed with a piece of wood and long pipe and released the door lock.
Lucky we weren’t in a rush.

This was Chris’s first time driving and the fear was showing, tight knuckles and tight lips

1 thought on “October 2016 – On our way to Cedar Key, FL

  1. Is it wrong to laugh? I guess it’s okay as long as I have made the same mistakes (only mine was turning into the Flying J facing a row of 18-wheelers with no way to back up!) What’s with the toad battery? You may need a disconnect switch on the battery cable, but maybe you got that fixed…I’ll read on…


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