August 2016 – Picking up our first RV

We drove up to SC to look at the coach, not thinking for a second that this could be the one and we were actually going to purchase.

Lo and behold….


Officially ours. See it says so..


Set for the walk through

It was exactly what we’d been looking for, bath and a half, king bed, washer/dryer, dinette style and recliners. Woo-hoo!!!!!!

Not so fast though. We had to get a car that was tow-able, so traded in Steve’s Infinity for a CRV. Had a tow bar installed on both the coach and the car. There were boxes arriving every day with hoses, clamps, auxiliary brake for the car, plus all equipment required to set up Steve’s office, ie: Wi-fi hot spot, range finder, cell booster.

We also had to find somewhere to park it when we were at home. We found a old Target store in Stone Mountain, that had been converted into a storage facility. The old warehouse portion held vehicles in a climate-controlled environment with electrical hook-ups, accessible 24/7, perfect!    Now we were ready to roll, and went back to South Carolina to pick up our baby.


First time ever parking this massive coach in a site. Lake Greenwood State Park  Ninety Six, SC

The dealer advised us to stay at a local park for a day or 2, so if we had any issues or questions they would be near before we headed into the sunset.

We learned so much in the first couple of trips, but the most important was to stay calm under any circumstance and not rush.

Lessons learned from this initial adventure is to not look for your site with the toad attached and especially if you do not have a site map. We circled the entire park with very very tight turns. Chris screaming, afraid we were going to hit something. Our site ended up being right at the entrance of the loop, but once parked, we didn’t know what we had to do to hook up. Our neighbor was so helpful and showed us. That’s the thing about RV-rs, they are usually so willing to help and are so friendly, well most anyway.

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