January 2020 – Still in Quartzsite, but Now With FMCA 4 Wheelers

We moved down from Plomosa Rd , 6 miles south of Quartzsite to La Paz Valley Rd (mile marker 99) for the FMCA 4-Wheelers gathering. We became members the previous month and this was our first outing with them

The evening before our first run, we met all the participants, one lady, the top her head shown below was from England, currently living in Lubbock Texas. They were all friendly people and we started out with at least 2 things in common, RV and Jeep owners

The 4-Wheelers offer rallies and gatherings all over the country, this one was a gathering which is more informal and not as well planned, ie: the trails are not scouted ahead of time, which would prove to be slightly problematical in the coming days

The first thing we learned was that a CB is essential, that’s what they use for communication while on the trails. A CB radio is not so easy to find these days, maybe in the 80’s but we were able to borrow one. Then we had to have a quicker tool to air the tires up and down, as that was required at least twice a day. That was something we hadn’t done before and airing down the tires to 13 lbs made a huge difference to the ride

They offer 2 trails per day, one more difficulty than the other, we opted for the lesser of the two

Everything started out well with about 15 Jeeps in procession. There were only one or two of us in stock Jeeps, others had upgraded to where not much of the original Jeep was identifiable.

This was a prime example of trails been unchecked. Apparently this part of the trail had washed out and it was a harrowing experience getting through. Thank goodness for the “spotters”, but this was Steve’s first rock crawling experience



An evening “pot luck” dinner when the days adventure was discussed. Every evening there was a “happy hour”, so we got to know this group quite well

Every day there was stop for lunch, and a “1020” signal meant someone needed a bathroom break. At this stop, the Deer Valley Resort, chairs were provided and even a putting green, an odd sight in the middle of nowhere.

Chris even did some geo-caching at some of the stops

On the last of the trail runs our leader brought his grill, hot dogs and sides, so we all sat around enjoying his hospitality.

It turned out be such a pleasant experience, we signed up for a couple more of these events in the future

One evening we went to Silly Al’s for dinner and found this crew in the corner who had managed to make dinner last for 3 hours just to claim this table for the live entertainment.

Actually, the RV Geeks had planned an evening with entertainment provided by Wicked Truth, the drummer being the producer of their TV show, The RV’ers.

Silly Al’s is a popular spot for tourists and the locals, and are easy to distinguish

John and Peter, the RV Geeks hosting our get-together. Many of their supporters were there, The band was great and it turned out to be a fabulous evening

So we’ve been dry camping now for 3 weeks, longest time without hook-ups so far. But, time to move on to our next adventure and back to Yuma


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