February 2020 – Back to Yuma For Fun and Games

After our month of boon docking/balloon watching/4 wheeling we decided to head back to Yuma for some fun and games at Del Pueblo RV Resort and settled in with the group from Idaho surrounding us and Utah across the street

We got right back in the swing, and a very warm welcome back, even weather wise beginning of February we were enjoying 70 degrees and  20% humidity

A tailgate party pre-Super Bowl at Denise and Don’s

We went back into Mexico for some dental check ups. Steve had a chipped crown and it need to be pulled off. It turned-out  that part of the tooth came off with the crown, so it needed to be pulled and a implant inserted. Of course Chris had to get n on the action

A week after we arrived back sign up for the Del Pueblo games was taking place, of course we entered into most activities

Then the “games” began, and we were game for everything. Doubles, singles, mixed doubles. You name it, we did it, from 9am to 9pm, we were having the time of our lives

Chris’s partner in mixed doubles shuffleboard was so enthusiastic when they began, he’d won gold last year. Later, he was seen with head in hands as Chris kept getting minus scores think it was a record low score. Poor guy!!

Of course corn hole was included in the events

Trying to throw washers into a can was dull, but only if you can’t do it

This throw for Steve, put him in the gold medal standings

Chris and Karma watching the action

The Bocce Ball winners, you can imagine how many were playing

Pegs and Jokers winners, 80 entrants.

After 2 weeks of fierce competition the games came to an end, with Steve taking Gold in Bocce Ball, and Bronze in Pegs and Jokers (cards)

With the Olympic theme playing, he proudly accepted his medals

Our friend Dave (Center) from Vancouver Island accepting his gold medal for ping pong

Dave’s wife Judy accepting her bronze medal for mixed doubles shuffleboard

We went to see some model airplane flying as some of the park members belong  to a local club and they did some impressive stuff.

During our stay at Del Pueblo we met some great people who will remain friends and I’m certain we’ll be back. Toward the end of our stay Heidi and Mark stopped by and we went to Chris’s favorite restaurant in Yuma, The River City Grill, another super evening.

Now it’s time to move on to a pretty hectic month in Phoenix area.

2 thoughts on “February 2020 – Back to Yuma For Fun and Games

  1. It was fun to see how much fun you were having at Del Pubelo! It was great to spend your last night in Yuma by eating at The a River City Grill! So glad we are RV friends!💗


    • Thank you!! Yes we were having a blast there. Being able to share things with what we also consider cherished friends is icing on the cake!! It is great in this full-time nomadic life we can gain lasting bonds/community with like minded nomads with the same goals, to seek/find/experience/enjoy the journey we are on.


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