May 2019 – Glacier National Park Area

The drive from Findlay Point took us north . We skirted the lake on the east side through orchards, vineyards and wineries. We drove through the town of Kallispell a big ski resort.

We took Rte 2 east through the lower edge of Glacier National Park to get to the east side of the park. We had plans to go to a campground halfway up the east side , Two Medicine. We traveled through 50 miles of glorious mountain views and arrived at our halfway stop to the east in the hamlet of Essex. There was a lodge, a cafe, general store and the Devils Creek Campground and no cell service, so perfect night for some backgammon.

A beautiful waterfall in Essex

The following morning the lady in the cafe told us the campground on the east side that we had planned was closed. There was an avalanche a week before right in that area, so a change of plan was called for

We backtracked on our southern route, westbound this time and were fortunate to find a spot in Apgar Campground on the west side of the park

Can only assume the weather scared everyone off, but the park was pretty empty

  Deer were roaming everywhere

We drove the Road to the Sun road from the west side, as opposed to the east side as planned, but got stuck 14 miles in with road closures due to the avalanche.

We did see amazing raging rivers and waterfalls as you’d expect

There was a lovely old lodge along the road where we stopped for tea and a smoked salmon appetizer

McDonald Lodge for lunch

We certainly didn’t see a lot of what the Glacier National Park had to offer due to the weather, but did get a very good glimpse.

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