May 2019 – Layover in Huntington – Heading to Salt Lake City

We left Moab and headed North West towards Salt Lake City and stopped in Huntington, UT at Huntington State Park for 4 days.

The view out our door

We arrived on Sunday afternoon and hadn’t planned well for food. So we went downtown which was a virtual ghost town, a really wide street that could fit a 6 lane highway. There was a town hall, library, school, a grocery store and restrooms right in the middle of town.

Then we came upon the only open establishment which was a really good Mexican restaurant, and it was Cinco de Mayo

Just about the only place open to eat on the Sunday we arrived.

We were the only people at the campground for a couple of days

The main industry here and in the surrounding towns is coal mining, and trucks hauling coal were all around.

The few people we met there were very proud of their town, one lady said ” we have everything here, 10 minutes to the desert one way and 10 minutes to the mountains the other”

As we were leaving, people started to arrive, looking forward to lovely weekend on the lake, a very popular spot for the locals.

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