April 2019 – Living like Sardines in Torrey UT

Torrey UT lies at the intersection of Rte 12 and 24, so we met up with the route we had planned previously. We arrived at Thousand Lakes RV Park which is 8 miles outside the Capital Reef National Park.

Tight spot

At first sight, we didn’t think we’d make it into our spot. Once the slides were out, it was just possible to walk between vehicles, the picnic table provided was hard to get to. The view from behind was lovely, if we could just get to it. On the plus side, they had a restaurant on site, also , it was very windy in this area, so if we went down in the wind, we’d have a soft landing like a line of dominos

View behind our spot

After we arrived we had to traverse the (by now) infamous Rte 12, but in the Jeep, to determine if the coach would have made it. It would have!!

We met some people on the way through Boulder Mountain. This couple who’s dog had driven on the back for 1,000 miles and loved it

(Wonder what he’d have said )

Among the switchbacks there appears a coffee shop. Perfect placement and timing.

Down below they had a couple of cabins for rent

We drove back from Boulder Mountain via The Burr Trail, that started outside Hell’s Backbone Grill, which wound through Glen Canyon Recreational Area and came out at the entrance to Capitol Reef National Park and it had some spectacular scenery.


Some sites on Burr Trail

So 2 days of living in our sardine can was enough. Time to move on, next stop Moab UT


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