2017 September – Southbound

We left DC on Saturday and split our journey home into 2 legs.

First of all we couldn’t get out of DC. Our GPS led us into the depths of urban Washington and we seemed to be getting closer to the capitol and the roads were getting narrower. Our GPS was not up to date on the latest highways around the city, and trying to steer us through it, it seemed. With major maneuvering around the houses and in and out of parking lots, we managed to get out and back on the main artery, to start our journey south. One hour lost. We were now heading south for a night at Kerr Lake State Park in North Carolina.

Our View

A lovely State park just not big rig friendly. We were a bit concerned when there wasn’t the usual office check in, but a woman in a booth, who just handed us a map. In fact Chris had to walk ahead to direct, in case heaven forbid, we went the wrong way.

We found our spot and spent a little while trying to maneuver our big boy into a spot made for a pop-up.

Nice view of the lake and time to relax, until the rest of our journey tomorrow.

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