August 2019 – Hello Oregon

We got kicked out of Washington (well our campground at least) for being non tribal members, so we headed to our next new state. The other side of the Columbia River is Oregon so we crossed over and traded the Columbia River for the Hood River and partial hookups at the Toll Bridge Park Campground at the base of Mount Hood.

We started out with a pull-through site, but our neighbor came over and said he was leaving the following day and his back in site was much more private and it appeared our coach would fit, so we moved into our new home before the holiday weekend.

We even had our own private beach through a little archway and as promised it was really private

A little natural trellised path to the river

Went to The Dalles, a large town back on the Columbia River as Chris had an appointment at a hair salon. It was quite the experience, the staff was made up of a biker mom, a 3′ tall woman in charge of nails, and an “out there” son who was Chris’s hair stylist. Two women in their eighties were having their mohawks trimmed, a pencil thin woman dressed totally in black with pure white skin flew into the tanning room at the back, and emerged the same color.

We ate at the Baldwin Saloon, which in it’s former life was a coffin warehouse. They’d done a good job restoring it with it’s fir floors and antique cash register

Baldwin Saloon

Apparently they had live music as there was piano and drum kit on the balcony, hope the musicians weren’t too tall.

The following day we drove to Mount Hood to get a closer look

View of Mt Hood from Mt Hood Meadows Ski Resort

This is a big sking area in winter and offers, zip-lining and luge rides in the summer.

The town of Government Camp is probably very active in winter as there were dozens of dormitories and cabin facilities

Government Camp

Another day we drove to Lost Lake and watched everyone prepare their floating vessels for the water

All the kayaking/paddle boards on Lost Lake

The area we are in is referred to as the “fruit loop”  for obvious reasons, so many orchards in this area with ripe fruit just dripping from the branches. Miles and miles of pears, apples and peaches

Looks like picking is about to start and what we’ve eaten so far are absolutely delicious

We’re really going to miss all this fruit, and fruit stands that offer so many different varieties of everything at super low prices.

But all good things must come to an end, and it’s time to move on to the city of Portland. Neither of us have been to Portland before, so not sure what to expect


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