April 2019 – Starting our Trek More North

We left Winslow and headed North to Page AZ area,  The drive took us through Navajo country that was quite sparse. Driving through and over the mesas we would come across an occasional Indian village. In the 3 1/2 hour drive, we came upon one town, Tuba City before we arrived in the Lake Powell area and the town of Page.  8 miles west of Page there’s a large boondocking area  at Lone Rock Beach Primitive Camping in Big Water, UT on Lake Powell. The entrance to Lone Rock is probably 500 yds into Utah. and at $7 per day and nice weather forecast we decided it worth staying a while

We found a spot on pretty stable (not just sand) base to safely park.

We arrived mid-week so the area was quite deserted, compared to Page which was crowded with tourists

This is the area of Glen Canyon National Park which includes the Grand-Staircase Escalante

A monolith in the middle of the lake

Glen Canyon Dam

Went out and did some off-road sightseeing. Passed many free ranch cattle, who quickly gathered their calves as we drove by.

Lots of free range cows

We went to the Visitors Center to get an off-roading map. So off we went, quickly realizing the map made no sense, road names weren’t marked and road numbers were hard to find. So we just used the compass  to estimate where we were

There were several areas where we found ourselves on very narrow up and downhill passes, with sheer drops on both sides. Goodness knows what we’d have done if someone was to come the other way.

Thing is, we didn’t see anyone once we passed the trailhead

We went out for lunch and tried a Navajo Taco, taco mixture in a fried Navajo bread casing. It was tasty and the fried bread completely negated the salad on top. While we were eating an employee of a third party Verizon retail store came in and Steve asked if they still had the MiFi and $65 unlimited prepaid plan still available. She said yes, so we headed 2 doors down and bought the Verizon prepaid data plan, as AT&T is not so prominent in this area and places yet to come. Although when were off-roading there’s no service at all.

While in Page we played golf at the Lake Powell National Golf Course, which was a very scenic course and given the amount of workers out there, very well maintained

Looking down to the fairway from the tee box on first hole

Looking up to the tee box from the green on a par 3



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