March 2019 – Back to Boulder Beach Campground on Lake Mead

After some dispersed boondocking along the west side of the lake, we headed back to a more controlled environment (still boondocking) at Boulder Beach Campground.

If someone were to ask us right now what our favorite place visited so far it would have to be Lake Mead. We’ve been here the better part of a month, and have really got to know the campsites. We wanted the front row, immediately facing the lake

It was busy when we arrived and we grabbed the first spot. It was the first loop with a lot of traffic walking and driving by.

Spot # 1

We moved to another spot 2 loops down and then a spot in the last loop became available which had the unobstructed lake view, time to pack up and move again

Spot # 3

The view from our site was perfect and the weather has been kind, in the mid 70’s and not a drop of rain

Because Lake Mead is surrounded in Federally owned land there are no houses or sub-divisions surrounding it which makes it very peaceful and serene

Lake Mead is 5 miles from the town of Boulder City, which was built for the workers who built the Hoover Dam. Not wanting them to venture into neighboring Las Vegas and loose all their money gambling, they put a ban on gambling in Boulder City which is still in effect today, although there are two large casinos that flank the town on each end.

As Steve’s birthday was coming up we bought tickets to the Hall and Oates concert at Caesars Palace, and it was a great show!

So we caved and bought a Jeep, a painful process, but we will be able to see areas of back-country that the CRV wouldn’t have been able to accomplish

Woo Hoo we bought a Jeep

It had a cracked windshield, but dealer replaced it

Getting the new one prepared

So off we went to Burro Wash, followed by Kingman Wash Rd, two local off-roading areas, to try out the Jeep and see what it could do. We payed it forward by pulling someone out of the sand who got stuck, we knew exactly how it felt

Burro-Wash maiden voyage

After maiden voyage

Doing some 4 wheelin’ at Kingman Wash Rd

We finally made it back to Valley of Fire, after getting the car stuck the last visit.

Absolutely stunning scenery with brilliant colors of sandstone and limestone

One weekend we watched the local AKC chapter competing in the dog trials

The trainers walk the course first. It’s all up to them as the dogs are really smart, and just need direction

We frequented two restaurants in town, one was the Coffee Cup,  a Triple D recommended establishment and the Little City Grill.

Boulder City is a lovely town, full up mom and pop shops, cafes, restaurants and many statues dotted around, reflecting the history of the town.

They were 3 golf courses, we played on the Boulder City course which was a delightful course and reasonably priced

We enjoyed our stay so much here, with Henderson a mere 30 minutes away with any services needed and Las Vegas 40 minutes away for entertainment. It was hard to leave, but we have many places to see yet and its getting warmer northward and heating up here, so time to go although I’m sure we’ll be back next spring.


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