March 2019 – Back to Lake Mead Area to Chase the Weather

After our little jaunt to Utah, we headed back to the Lake Mead area. We were going to try and stay at Valley of Fire, but it was full, so plan to come back another time

Valley of Fire

Plan B was some boondocking at Stewarts Point, an inlet on the west shore

Stewarts Point

Again, we didn’t scout for a spot, but tentatively drove in. It’s about 3 miles wide and and a mile or so deep. There were very few campers there, but its quite difficult to pick a spot when there’s nothing designated. You don’t want to be close to anyone, so after a few minutes of going in circles, Steve picked a spot, unfortunately right beside one of the few bushes, which blocked our view of the lake.

After a couple of days here we decided to to move about an hour south to Government Wash

Government Wash

We scouted ahead this time and found what we thought was a great spot in a little lay-by. As you enter the area there are 4 or 5 trails which all have little pull through lay-bys about 100 feet apart. What we didn’t realize was the one we chose was the main artery for dozens of drag racers, and every time one went by we got covered in dust, plus it was windy which didn’t help. The car, coach and the two of usĀ  were a filthy mess by the time we left

Wile E walking by. Rare daylight sighting as they are really nocturnal.


We headed back to Boulder Beach Campground to dump and fill up with water. Maybe as time goes by we’ll get better at this.






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