February 2019 – Boondocking Foibles

We enjoyed our Boondocking experience in Quartzsite so much, we decided to do it again.

We found Joshua Tree West BLM on the Campendium website,  It’s just north  of Joshua Tree National Park and the website gave us the coordinates, it had good reviews so off we went.

Now, having been advised many, many times to unhook the car and drive around first to scout out the area and find a suitable spot before bringing in the coach, we totally ignored all this advise and drove the coach right n.  We drove about half a mile into the area and Steve suddenly stopped the coach, Chris: “Why aren’t we moving?”  Steve: “we’re stuck”. Getting out of the coach we saw we had sunk 44,000+ lbs of coach up to the axle in sand.

Within minutes people staying in the area were pulling up in their vehicles offering help everyone was trying to remove the sand, we had one small shovel between us, old rugs , firewood, chains, straps were all being used, but the coach was not going anywhere.

Dually with tow strap/Jeep with a winch to no avail.

Tyler with the only shovel we had

We finally called Coachnet our roadside assistance provider and they sent a tow company over. Well taht company got stuck also. They finally got out and just left. steve called the driver and he said he can’t help us and we need to call CoachNet to get another tow company. Oh well, we put the slides out and called it a night.

The next morning we called CoachNet back and they got a hold of another towing company and they showed up about 2.5 hours later.

All free and safe on stable earth

Having spent 24 hours now in the area, we had scouted a spot with gravel and perfectly firm

After all the dust was settled we went to the national park for look see and get our National Park Passport and stamp

Beautiful Joshua trees

The park is not just about Joshua Trees, it has some very cool rock formations

The town of Joshua Tree is a very eclectic place, another spot where leftover hippies have converged and tourism appeared to be the only industry. They did have an Indian restaurant which we enjoyed.

This area to the north of Joshua Tree is dotted with small towns, 29 Palms and Yucca, while to the south of the park only 40 minutes away is Desert Springs and Palm Springs, full of resorts and golf courses, and the Coachella Valley

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