February 2019 – Heading North and East

Looking for a bit more warmth, we decided to move from the California coast and back to the desert.

Problem was, how to get through those mountains which were snow covered with more to come, even as far south as San Diego.

We drove to the base of the mountains to determine our route and settled at Glen Helen Regional Park in San Bernardino CA.

A small Campground with about 25 sites built on a landfill which was evident based on the glass strewn around. Very few campground  options around so it would have to work for a couple of days

While there, we explored the area and checked on road conditions, especially I-15 AKA Cajon Pass.

Next, we decided to tour the San Bernardino mountain range, and the area of Bear Mountain

Beautiful views, but the higher we climbed the more treacherous the road conditions. Steve was out of practice driving in snow, Chris didn’t want to attempt, so we came back down far short of Bear Mountain. It was worth taking the time to check and our decision was made, to take I10 east then a little north to Joshua Tree


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