January 2019 – Quartzsite and First Time Boondocking

We went to Phoenix AZ to National Indoor RV Center in Phoenix to get some recall work done on the coach. We parked in their lot in the rear ready for work to begin Monday morning. By the afternoon all we had was an estimate of work we’d requested, and at $149 per hour in labor you pick and choose what’s important.

While we were there we went to the Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo.

It was still light out when we entered


On Tuesday, they completed some minor work, but the recall work was incomplete as they’d ordered the wrong part. So we left and headed west to Quartzsite.

During the 2nd week of January there’s an RV show, that attracts thousands of RV’ers and is the largest RV event in the country. Hundreds of coaches had already arrived with dozens of RV groups represented.

We were going to OOBerfest  for our first RV event and boondocking experience. OOberfest, which is hosted by Dave and Brenda Bott from Outside Our Bubble were expecting 140 coaches, Price of admission, a bundle of wood for the campfires. It was raining just outside Phoenix and in Quartzsite pretty hard. When we got to our area the rain pretty much stopped, but there was high water in some of the washes that we needed to drive over to get to the parking area where we were meeting the other attendees.  The coach really got messy.

We had arrived a day early, so we started forming a circle. Below is us and Kelley and Jimmy, who were also first-timers Soon after we arrived, others followed and the circle grew.

By nightfall we had met everyone around us, and the first campfire was lit

Our neighbors Kelly, Jim, Brian, Joe, Pam and our hosts Dave and Brenda Bott (standing)

Pano view of the area we were parked at

The Bott’s had filled the days with presentations: tire safety, storage and cooking tips,.

Steve signed up to get the coach weighed that afternoon. we were under weight and pretty balanced over all (rear axle left and right were exactly the same). We have been wanting this to make sure we were within the axle rating and for the correct tire pressures.

Getting the coach weighed

Dinner time. The abandoned camp chairs

Back after dinner for some fireside chat and a real wood fire

Start of the Pot Luck dinner


There was a guy paragliding overhead


After Pot Luck Dinner 3 fire rings started before the band

Notes From Neptune is the entertainment. Guitar and Sax duo that are pretty incredible. Our host David jumps in to play Cajon

Paul and Becky made breakfast for all the attendees the next day. Breakfast burritos and potatoes. YUMMY!

Another fire side chat that evening

Our neighbors for the week Jim and Kelly

Hey daddy where we going? We’re ready!!!!    Brady and Brody.

Kelly, Jim, Diane, Heidi, Mark


It was a really great experience. We learned that boondocking was a real option, that we could last without “hook-ups” for 7 days, which means free camping. Made new friends from Boston, Seattle, New Orleans, Minnesota and everywhere in between

The six of us were to meet up again at our next stop, San Diego

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