October 2018 – Ditat Deus

We are getting closer to our winter spot, at least the same state, Arizona.

We deciding to stop at another Escapees Park in Benson AZ, about 45 minutes from Tucson. The rate was $70 a week plus electric which turned out to be an additional $12 for the week.

That evening we were invited to “happy hour” with our fellow campers

SKP Saguaro Co-Op

We were renting our site from an absent owner who had a cassita on their site.

Nice huge level sites

The following day were we invited to tour the property, a sales pitch, but what the heck. We saw the different ways  people had furnished their cassitas. It was a very nice property with clubhouse, community garden and quite inexpensive, but wevr just started our journey so not interested in purchasing.

Big sky view


Awesome Rainbow


We headed to Tombstone for a taste of the old west about 22 miles south.

Getting some Sarsaparilla (Root Beer) in Tombstone


The replica show of the shoot out at the OK Corral

Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp

Morgan, Virgil and Wyatt Earp

We enjoyed looking at the people dressed in period costume. Apparently they dress this way every day

So many folks were dressed up for the period

Some not so much

They had some funny names back then

Went to a restaurant in Tucson 5 Points Market for brunch. It was crowded, must be good.

And it was.

After brunch we went to the local Tucson Farmers Market where we picked up some French bread, cheese and prosciutto for sandwiches.

It’s all about peppers here and they even decorate with them

Saguaro National Park

This used to a be a forest of Saguaro cactus until it burned in 1930’s, it’s just growing back again now

Saguaro’s as far as the eye can see


We then headed to Bisbee AZ to the copper mine, and the Queen Mine Tour It was such a lovely town, very artsy, old hippies in great abundance. The town looked very much like a Swiss mountain village with houses perched on the side of a hill.

A nice little spot for lunch

Ready for our tour

All geared up for safety.

I had a feeling they were going to put us to work

Riding into the mine shaft

Copper was excavated, then sent down shafts and into cars ready for removal from the mine

Guide showing the drills for inserting the dynamite

Mine porta potty

This site of the external pit was 850′ deep. They are hoping that the site will be used in the future as copper is so widely used


Sunset on the fringe of a storm

Heading to Tucson for the KT Tungstall show. We were already in dark and I-10 West it was still not sunset and we were carpeted in a big black cloud as we were driving

The concert was held at the Club Congress at the Hotel Congress. Fascinating hotel with 35 rooms. All hotel guests must sign a waiver that they wont complain about the noise, as there is a rock concert there most nights of the week

Hotel Congress in Tucson AZ. Cool eclectic place.

John Dillinger and  his gang were captured in the old lobby


Their were 8 bars in this hotel, all were very unique

Pennies in the floor at the Cup Cafe in the Hotel Congress

Dinner at the Cup Cafe before the show

The bar attached to the restaurant and another just outside

And then KT Tunstall

KT Tunstall at Club Congress

We went to a donkey sanctuary in Benson the Forever Home Donkey Rescue and Sanctuary

We were expecting the donkeys to be in pens, and were surprised that they were roaming free.

Apparently, you’re supposed to make an appointment so the carers can round them up before you arrive. But as we didn’t call ahead, we had to search for them. There were 27 donkeys living happily on 40 acres.

 They had either been rescued from an abusive life or surrendered by owners that couldn’t keep them.

When we finally found a couple, more suddenly appeared an started to walk over

The carer was besotted with them and said they appreciated people coming to visit as the donkeys loved to be hugged and talked to and brushed

They all wore netting over their eyes to protect from the flies, but they could see fine

Rainbow Bridge was the burial site for those that had passed, all with little inscriptions

After playing with the donkeys, it was time for lunch. On a recommendation from Suzanne of Take To The Highway we went to Mi Casa

Just a little hole in the wall in Benson

Fabulous food, and good company, we spent our lunch talking to the people at the next table who live just south of Bisbee, in Naco, half of the town being in Mexico

Highly recommend hugging a donkey, its very therapeutic.





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