March – June – 2018 Full-Time RV’ing

The day we moved out of the house both cars and the RV were jam packed. It was strange to say the least, to leave our huge beautiful house and pull into our new gravel driveway. Isn’t the saying “onward and upward”?  Well, it didn’t feel like that.

We did a terrific job getting rid of everything, but even after 2 months of selling and giving stuff away, we still had a boatload of sundry items. We had enough toilet paper to supply a small hotel. We had triplicates of many items from the house and what we already had in the RV. We’d previously rented a 5×5 at the local storage which filled up pretty quickly with books, photos and artwork, plus any stuff that was still for sale.

It was very emotional at first saying goodbye to all our possessions, but once they started going it got easier. We met so many people during the selling process and heard some fantastic stories. Our last customer was the fire department captain who took our armchairs. We were very fortunate that the new owners bought much of the furniture, the entire basement including pool table and all the office and bedroom furniture.

So now on to our new life with no regrets and very little overhead.

This is a very nice RV park, although there’s only 2 to choose from in the area. Still, it’s very quiet, well maintained and the natives are friendly

The section we are in appears to be filled with mostly long term workers on temporary assignments (6-9 months). Mostly single people who leave at 6 a.m. and return at 5 p.m. then go inside.  We’ve had a couple of changes with our immediate neighbors. When we first arrived it was a retired TV cameraman from LA visiting family, followed by a couple from the Cayman’s, staying here whilst they sold a local property, now it’s a Whole Foods marketer who spends the week in North Carolina and stays here for a few hours at the weekend.

We’d only been there for 2 weeks when Chris had to rush Steve to the hospital, as he had come down with another case of pneumonia. The ER staff at Northside Hospital Forsyth were highly efficient and got Steve admitted into a room for the weekend and even had a convertible couch/bed in the room for Chris, who declined the offer due to her aversion to hospitals, which was a potential mistake. That night storms and tornado’s moved in and being in a RV there is no place to go. She thought about hiding in a bay till it past. Fortunately the tornado didn’t materialize near the park.

Steve was seen by the best that Northside had to offer and was released in 2 days after some prodding, poking and testing.

2 weeks later and the temperature dropped to freezing, the Oasis hydronic hot water heat  stopped working and the roof ac/heat pumps don’t do well below 40 degrees. We called NIRVC and Justin came out that night and said we would need to bring it in to the shop to have it serviced, even though we’d had the Oasis serviced before we set out. It took us 2 weeks to get it there as it was raining and cold and Steve had to work around his work schedule. Finally went and spent the night at the dealer and it was fixed the next day + $400.

Fast forward 3 weeks and temps are warmer, but suddenly no hot water, same unit too.

We weren’t about to pack up and drive it to the dealer again, so started to search for a mobile RV tech as this is the way to go when we are out and about and not near a dealer. The park suggested a guy that seemed to be very responsive, so in comes Tristen’s Mobile RV Repair. Turns out it was a bad summer pump. Called the dealer and they had one in stock, so Chris ran over and picked it up and hot water was flowing that night!! It turns out that Tristen worked for the same place that we had the tow base plate on the CRV installed and he probably did the install.

Soon after we arrived Chris  found a local pickleball group just a mile away and is playing 3 times a week, she also joined a ladies golf league, who play twice a week.

Chris entered the Fulton Co Senior Games (Golf/bowling/bocce ball) and she won a Gold Medal in ladies golf competition. What a champ! Modest too

Chris with her Gold Medal for ladies golf competition


We’ve become friends with Teri, 3 sites down, and her niece Talia, ( who has since gone back to Utah) Teri has 2 Frenchies, Tank and Tizzy, who are adorable. Teri arrived at the same time as us and is on assignment at a local company for 9 months. Tank and Tizz spend their days at Camp Bow-Wow

Tank and Tizzy

Since we’ve been here we’ve tried all the restaurants, and there are a bunch. Within a 2 mile radius we have every resource we need, every ethnicity of food choices, every supermarket chain, even a Starbucks on the corner. A far cry from where we came from.

We’re only 23 miles from where we lived for 20 years, but there are so many more resources on this side of Atlanta, makes us regret we didn’t move over to this side of town before

So not a bad place to hang our hats until we take to the road again



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