August 2017 – Destination – Albany, NY. Home again (for Steve)

We left Lake George without incident. This one was easy, we were 1/3 mile from the highway to drive the 1 hr 2 mins  to our next destination, Arrowhead Marina & RV Park in Schenectady. What could go wrong?

Oh yes! Another GPS failure.

We were lost amid small two lane roads, twists and turns, residential subdivisions with 90 degree turns, GPS “re-calculating”, we were in subdivisions where our vehicle was the largest home , and then………… Aunt Dottie calls!!

Steve reaches for his headset. Chris yells, “what are you nuts, just call her back, she’s returning your call”. A minor disagreement occurs in the cockpit.

All’s well that ends well, and we found our campsite

A beautiful spot directly on the river

View from our patio of the Mohawk River

Unfortunately Steve fell ill again while we were in Lake George, but we decided to wait until we got to Albany to get him checked out, as there are 4 cousins that are nurses who would be there with strong opinions and advise.

Steve went to the Ellis Hospital ER in Schenectady as instructed, and as soon as we arrived the hospital went into lock-down, due to a stabbing in one part of the hospital. He was seen right away though, as his oxygen level was so low. He had a slight case of pneumonia and some fluid in the lungs.

While Steve was incapacitated, Chris accomplished her first solo dump, which had to be delayed for a day as the neighbors were having a soiree with about 15 people and the dump tank was within feet of them. A lot could of gone wrong here, especially if the hose was slightly loose. I’m glad we don”t have to report that people ran, screaming from the park covered in muck

Steve was released on Sunday morning to enjoy a beautiful day on the Mohawk at our site.

Monday night we went to dinner at Donna’s, one of Steve’s cousins, and we joined by her family, Linda, another cousin, and of course, Aunt Dottie.

Second and third generation

Second, third and tfourth generations

New night and dinner with great friends Calvin and Lorie

Surf and turf night starting with clams on the barbie

WWII Memorial

New York State Museum

Holograph of New York State

We had a great visit and will be back.

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