August 2017 – Lake George, New York

Headed south on I-87 to Lake George Riverview Campground & Resort just south of Lake Champlain but still in the Adirondack mountains. The campground is on  Schroon River just North of Lake George Village.


A nice “deluxe” site right on the river. Only problem was our neighbor had decided to turn his coach to face the river, which gave us very little privacy, plus the site was dirt, so when the rains came it became muddy and wet.

Steve knew a guy who was playing at Duffy’s tavern in the village, so we went to hear him play. Glad we did, he was amazing.

The very talented John Eisenhart at Duffy’s Tavern. We went and caught him twice!

The Sea Eagle makes another appearance on Schroon River right behind our coach

A beautiful day for a row. River goes for miles and finally empties into the Hudson. She didn’t make it quite that far.

View from the bow

Lake George Marina. View of the mountains from whence we came.

Lake George Village. Very busy place this time of year. Lots of festivals, musicians and many many New York/Jersey tourists.

What we always said, “if we don”t like our neighbors, we can always move” came into play for the first time at this campground, so we moved on a day early.

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