July 2017 – Beautiful Virginia and the Blue Ridge Parkway

Continuing our Northern trek, we drove along I-85, turned left at Charlotte NC and onto I-77 N. into Virginia and into the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our destination for the next 3 days was Fancy Gap Campgrounds, Fancy Gap VA. A relatively small campground with 18 sites and 6 cabins. . Our site was on top of a hill overlooking the apple orchard, and as soon as we exited the coach we felt the cooler temperatures, a breeze and no humidity. (When we left ATL it was 95% with a heat index of 106) What a relief.

This campground is on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and amazingly quiet. We had expected this area to be packed with tourists, but the campground is only 1/3rd full and there’s very little traffic

From the check in office a view of the cabins and surrounding green hills

Our spot #1 right past the office and over looking the little grove of apple trees

My office view

On the first night a thunder storm rolled in with high winds. Throughout the night it sounded as though we had a Riverdance troupe on on the roof and a scene from The Exorcist in our bed  Next morning the power went out, then when it returned the heat came on, and once again we scratched our heads, got out the “box” of instructions and fix it “he” did. Felt very sorry for our neighbors who had smaller rigs, but we all survived.

We had a solid 4 bars AT&T 4G LTE.

The owners Dave and Denise had a new deck christening with a hot dog BBQ for all the current guests

Our super nice hosts Dave and Denise

Dave and Denise were in the corporate world in Philly until 2 years years ago, when they decided to venture into the world of RV park ownership, and love it

Drove an hour north to Wytheville and Big Walker Lookout, where are the tourists?

The observation tower

I paid $6 to climb 100′ up this rickety tower as it swayed in the wind. But the views were fabulous

  This infinity rickety bridge swayed as much as the tower

Drove into town and found this giant pencil outside the office supply store. At least there were cars here, but still no sign of life.

Perhaps we’ll find more activity at our next stop.

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