September 2019 – Time to Move Inland

We left the Oregon coast and headed northeast about 2 hours along RTE 99 towards Medford to meet up with a golf friend of Chris’s she met in Georgia but moved here in 2018. For a change of pace we decided to stay at a horse boarding stables that also had 6 RV full hookup sites.

This was the Marashah Arabian Horse Ranch and there were about 20 horses being boarded while we were there.

This guy was our greeter when we arrived

We managed to wedge ourselves into our site and then breathed in what we expected to be horse manure, but instead it was the scent of hemp and marijuana fields surrounding us. Not unpleasant, just unexpected.

We took a tour around to meet our hosts and the other boarders.


I want to eat your buttons

Next day we drove to nearby Grant Pass and the pre-arranged appointment for a service at the Jeep dealership. “Come back maybe Monday and pick it up” they said.¬† Even a wait for an oil change was 3-4 hours.

So we headed across the street and were taken care of without a wait

Fresh oil and new sneakers the day before we were ready to head to Crater Lake National Park as it was suppose to be 55 and sunny all day, then possible freezing mix for the next couple of days so this was the time to go

Here’s another “wow” moment, and the weather was perfect. This is about 6,000″ above sea level

7,700 years ago this was a mountain and after a massive volcanic eruption a deep basin formed and centuries of rain and snow filled the basin

It’s the nations deepest lake at 1,943′ at it’s deepest¬† and holds 4.5 million gallons of water

Every now and then we have to touch a dog as we miss having our own, and this one was a beauty.

We met up with Chris’s friend Sandy at the Red Lily winery near Medford who were having an event, which they do most weekends

3 September birthday ladies.

The event takes place inside and out. They had a terrific band playing and you can bring your own food, no charge, but they like you to taste and buy their wine, what great exposure for a winery, when there’s so much competition around.

Good band playing. Sister Mercy out of Portland and local

Here’s the source of the odor around our campground, CBD hemp being grown across the street and just down the road the marijuana fields that have to be grown behind 7′ opaque fences

CBD farm

Next day it was time to leave friends and horses and start heading south. Fall is right behind us and we have to keep our 72 degree average.

Our time in Oregon and Washington has been wonderful, now i see why so many people we know have moved here. So much delicious fruit, wine and the awesome scenery, it can’t get much better than this, but who knows?

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