August 2019 – We Leave The Olympic Peninsula and arrive in Aberdeen, Gateway to the Peninsular

We left the Olympic Peninsula driving south, and arrived in Cosmopolis. To get there we had to drive through Hoquim and Aberdeen which was very depressing, run-down homes, garbage in driveways and on porches, what a mess!

We were staying at the Artic RV Park and Pub about 10 miles south of Aberdeen

Check in was in the pub. Fortunately they didn’t have Guinness on tap or Chris would’ve been checking us in all the afternoon

Our spot here is a double, a bit close and personal with our neighbors which didn’t matter as they were out all day.

Artic RV Park and Pub

Well this area,  Aberdeen WA.,  is where Kurt Cobain grew up and there is a memorial park for him around the corner from his childhood house. We were not  big fans of his music, but we could see where his inspiration for his writing came from, as this area is pretty depressing. Bet there’s not a house here worth even $100K

The signpost outside the house next door to the memorial park

Sign outside the house adjacent to the memorial park

His childhood house. Probably the best kept house in the area.

Then we got out of Aberdeen as quickly as we could.

Next day we toured around the west coast. First stop the winery, where they had a restaurant and whimsical garden

Town of Westport

Next was the sausage shop where we bought some andouille sausage. Can you say jambalaya.

Just a little down the road we found Brady’s Oysters, where Steve met the workers coming in with their harvest.

They were cheap too, about $30 per bushel, but we didn’t have anywhere to put them. We did have room in our cooler some calamari, octopus salad and shrimp all locally harvested, delicious!

This guy was breaking up the cluster of oysters into individual ones.

We have to get a shucking knife and learn how to shuck oysters.

We enjoyed the day driving down the coast, but by this time we’d seen just about all the area had to offer, so time to move on.



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