June 2019 – Anchorage, Cabela’s and Service

We left Healy and headed to another boondocking spot on the Susitna River just North of Talkeetna AK, this was another place suggested on the PauHanna blog. When we arrived, the landscape had changed considerably from the 2017 blog post.

We hadn’t anticipated driving through a river to get to the river, but people on the other side coerced us into driving across.

Steve blew caution to the wind and hit the accelerator

Once on the other side we found a nice spot facing the Sustina river and another free night, that’s 3 in a row

We had an enjoyable stay here chatting with the old guy next door who had worked with the oil companies up north

We drove into the town of Talkteena and once again ran into a hoard of cruisers on an excursion from the ship. Way too many people for us

Land Yacht

Our next stop was Anchorage and boondocking at a Cabela’s, who offer free overnight parking for RV’ers. While in Anchorage we were taking the opportunity to have our wall slide looked at and possibly repaired as it wasn’t closing completely

We dropped the coach off at Karen’s RV repair the following morning, and droveĀ  into Anchorage to look around

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska and is home to half of Alaska’s population and also home to 1,500 moose and almost 250 black bears within the city limits.

The Ididerod dogs were fund raising

We took a bus tour around the city which was interesting. There are planes and airports in great abundance here. When you consider that half the country, even the capitol, Juneau, are only accessible by plane or boat, it’s almost a necessity to have one or the other when you live here

It was interesting to see these small aircraft taking off with the commercial aircraft at Anchorage airport next door.

The “Whaling Wall” is a 400′ long mural of beluga and bow-head whales by Wyland

We enjoyed our visit which was enhanced by really pleasant weather, it was beginning to get rather hot though, unusually hot for Alaska, but we did get the coach repaired, so back on the road



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