June 2019 – Finally Heading Into Alaska

We left Dawson City and jumped on “The Top of The World Highway” and it was an adventure to say the least.

We had no idea what was ahead and should have researched before we left. At least check the weather forecast Steve and Chris.

After about 15 minutes Chris was ready to turn back, at least to try the drive on a nicer day.


We continued on this 120 mile drive through low clouds, wet gravel roads, visibility 25′ and potholes  Of course there was no one else on the road, wonder why?

We were on the Top Of the World Highway ready to look at the amazing vistas. We couldn’t even find the pull over spot until we’d passed it

And what an amazing view it would have been. At this point we couldn’t see the Jeep as the camera was so muddied, we had to assume it was still there

It brightened up a bit once we arrived at US customs. And as we opened the window to talk to the official we heard a loud screeching noise coming from the rear. “Not to worry, we’ll figure it out when we  get to Chicken”

WOW! We made it to Alaska!!!!!

Once in the US and lower altitude the weather improved so we could at least see. But the road kept getting narrower, with hairpin turns, and 1000′ drops on one side At one point there was a piece of road missing on the sheer drop side but we just kept on going

Then it just got really muddy, but fortunately still not another vehicle.

Hello Chicken! So happy to be here and to have arrived alive!

Sorry we’re not looking our best and we’re making an awful noise, but here we are

These little outlets offer free parking behind the cafe, so we nabbed a spot. It was lovely little hamlet, population 3, Sue Wirren and her two sons, with additional staff in the season, in the middle of nowhere, and the day before they had hosted 1,500 people to the annual Chicken Stock weekend, an annual music event.

There is this cafe and one down the road at the campground, and they didn’t run out of anything, except the saloon ran out of beer and had kegs flown in

We enjoyed our stay here, met some more people who were just passing through, and watched as others drove into town in the same condition as us, after some white-knuckle driving. It really worried other travelers who were about to embark on their trip but in the opposite direction.

The saloon (below) the cafe and gift shop are all owned by Sue

We left Chicken the following morning and headed south toward Tok to have the Jeep looked at. First we found a car wash and attempted to clean both vehicles, then went to a local mechanic, who said it needed to be cleaned. (He wasn’t impressed with our first effort) But he was right, after a second hour with a power washer, the noise started to fade.

Spent the night at Moon Lake, ironic as we haven’t seen the moon in a few weeks.

A lovely spot, where we met up with Ted and Robin from Chicken

Now the Jeep and coach are presentable and the screeching has gone, we can move on to the big city of Fairbanks



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