June 2019 – Grande Cache and Dawson Creek

Well, the decision has been made and we are going to attempt the drive to Alaska.

First stop, Grande Cache for a night, a small town located north of Jasper. A nice campground, we had a pull-through site and didn’t even unhook the car

Grande Cache enjoyed a major coal mining boom for many years, but in 2017 it ended, leaving the town without any major industry. The are hoping to increase tourism which is not very prevalent now.

Next day we headed toward Dawson Creek BC. Mass construction going on, logging, road widening and repairs to the pipe-line. We stopped on the way at a food truck, where we met a medic for the loggers, who claimed he never saw any action, as the loggers never report any injuries for fear of not being re-hired.

Worlds biggest truck/piggy bank and now a really big beaver  

After a 3 hour drive we arrived in Dawson Creek. This is a major hub for those traveling to and from Alaska and the beginning of the Alaska Highway.

We parked at the Mile 0 RV park. Dawson Creek is a town where everyone stays overnight and leaves, as our waitress confirmed at the Fixx Bistro, a fabulous restaurant in town.

All the stores in town are geared toward vehicle service and supplies and construction materials.

We even stopped at the local car/RV wash to spruce up, we did a terrible job but little did we know at this point how dirty we would really get. And that one chip in the Jeep’s windshield would grow to many more in a  short time

“Gentlemen, start your engines” we’re on our way to Alaska


1 thought on “June 2019 – Grande Cache and Dawson Creek

  1. Have a safe trip and (enjoy) the great panoramas ahead of you.
    I traveled up and down the ALCAN 8 times during my 20 years living in Alaska
    and every trip was a great experience…. from summit lake to Macho lake to Kluane lake take the time to stop and absorb the wonders of Gods handiwork!


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