February 2019 – North to Oceanside

We headed an hour north from San Diego to Oceanside on Rte 5 and stayed at another regional park Guajome Regional Park

The GPS (both of them) once again took us astray and we ended up in the parking lot of a local high school, fortunately  the mail man was there and directed us back on track

It’s a small park 32 sites, and was fully booked, as our friends found out when they tried to join us, we’d reserved our site  a couple of weeks before.

The park has many walking/biking trails and a large lake. It would have been nice to explore more but the weather was so rainy it really prohibited any walking or biking. The park also has coyotes. We’d seen one previously back in Blythe, but thought it was a regular dog. This time it was more obvious and we saw them run pass our coach each night at the same time, followed by a terrifying episode of screaming, we imagined they were going back to their den to feed the young ens.   Chris was and still is terrified to go outside now when it gets dark



After setup we went directly to Oceanside Beach, 7 miles away.

Long pier

As big fans of Jeopardy we had booked tickets to a taping in advance. So we drove north to Culver City to attend the taping

The walk from the parking garage to the sound stage

Past the Wheel sound stage next door on the way

Steve only wishes

It was pretty interesting to watch, they recorded 2 episodes while we there, having previously recorded 3 in the morning. A whole weeks worth in a day.

We were fortunate to witness a possible new all time champion, but our episodes won’t be aired until April

It was a very relaxed set, but (spoiler alert) Alex had to re-read several questions between what would be commercials.

No photos allowed on set.

Fun time!

The hall of fame to the stage and seating

There were a couple of missions in the area so we spent one day visiting..Starting with Old Mission San Luis Rey de Francia which was about 4 miles down the road.

Founded in 1798, Old Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, known as the “King of the Missions,” is a National Historic Landmark.

The largest of all the 21 California missions, Old Mission San Luis Rey is home to a community of Franciscan Friars and is open daily to the public Facilities include: a Retreat Center a cemetery open to all; historic Church; and interpretive Museum.

Noon service was still going on when we arrived.

We then headed to  San Juan Capistrano

First we visited the Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano. Absolutely gorgeous and very active Catholic church in the town


Famous for the Annual Return of the Swallows, Mission San Juan Capistrano is the “Jewel of the California Missions” . The mission was founded in 1776 and was established to spread Christianity to the then native people of California

The famous swallows of Capistrano arrive in late February from Argentina, we were a week or so early

Recreation of the Swallow nests at the mission

About 40 minutes northeast of Oceanside is wine country and the town of Temecula and wherever there’s wine there’s usually good food.

The old town was about a mile long full of restaurants, gift shops and masses of people. It was a Saturday, so that didn’t help

Fortunately we were heading to a particularly interesting restaurant just out of town.

The Bluewater Grill was worth the drive, cerviche, octopus, lobster and crab cakes.. Expensive lunch but great food, and that’s what counts. On the road you don’t always have a great choice of restaurants, so we take advantage when we do.

Ceviches and Octopus appetizers

Really delicious crab cakes

Hot lobster roll. It was yummy!

After a delicious lunch we headed toward the the wine country just outside the city. Many vineyards on one road. This sort of reminded us of Fredericksburg, TX.

One of several acres of grape vines

Spring is certainly on the way. Flowers are starting to bloom, sun is shining and a little less rain

Wild flowers in bloom along the highway

Leaving the San Diego County area now and traveling up the coast to Long Beach



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