August 2017 – Back In The USA and into the Champlain NY region

We headed back to the USA. It was about a 4 hour drive from Quebec to I-87 and the border crossing in Champlain NY. Not too bad of a crossing it took about 40 min and of course we got pulled to the side for further inspection. We watched 100 vehicles go through without incident, and we must have looked like a couple of crooks

Not too bad for a border crossing

Looking for meats, fruit, vegetables and wood and only finding a bottle of vodka in our freezer, we were allowed to move on

We arrived at our campground, Twin Ells in West Chazy, about 15 miles from the border and 5 miles from Lake Champlain and 8  miles from Plattsburgh.

There was only 1 other RV in the section were in. Close to the office and play ground. Good WiFi and good boosted AT&T 4 – bars and 2 bars un-boosted

More of a field than a campsite, but pretty level and fairly spaced out

The main section was full, seasonal and full-timers. But on bike rides around the park only saw about 5 people.

Marina area where we ate on Lake Champlain

There weren’t and awful lot of choices to eat out, and we choose one by the marina, unfortunately it took over an hour to get wings to go. We should have realized they’d be a wait, when we met the cook on the patio, who had the day off.

Drove into Plattsburgh which is a very typical college town with pizza parlors, bars and breakfast cafes. Of course most were closed until school starts again in the autumn, hence lack of photos. Still it was a good opportunity for Chris to finalize her paperwork for Social Security benefits. Finally she’s getting paid not to work.

Getting out of our site provided a challenge. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a bit of a “whoops”. But we miscalculated the turn getting out, Steve tried to reverse with the car attached and Chris, the navigator, just closed her eyes and looked away. The car ended up at a 90 degree angle to the coach and took some serious tools to detach the toad. So we tore up their newly mown lawn.

To Twin Ells: “Sorry!”

Back on the road again!

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