May 2017 – Moved to another area of Lake Sidney Lanier and another US Army Corps of Engineers park – Old Federal Campgroud

With floors still drying we moved up the lake to another US Army Corps of Engineers campground. This park appears to have better sites then the last one. Still nice water views.

Our site view. Nice and calming

Much better parking pad to patio area at this park. we could actually watch the outside tv here and not risk breaking a leg or bum getting to the patio area.

Played a round at Royal Lakes Country Club. One of our favorite courses.

Chris and the maiden voyage of our Sea Eagle SE-370 (not just in the swimming pool)

Safety first

Yes it floats!!!

Chris sticks the landing (10)

Waiting for it to dry!! Pretty much dry, but another day or 2.

Floors done and furniture back

With the floors finished we decided to head back home. It was hard to leave this beautiful view, but ….

Must be sailing club practice/training day. We saw this as we were getting ready to leave. Must have been 10 – 11 sailboats just outside our cove area. There is the Lake Lanier Sailing Club  just outside the park entrance


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