December 2016 – Our Winter Trek to Florida Begins

This was to be a 3-4 month adventure in South Florida so we packed everything but the kitchen sink and headed south.

We didn’t go far to start, just Perry Ga. about 100 miles. Lucky we didn’t as we were stuck in a major traffic jam for an hour or so just outside Atlanta.

By the way, Steve has a 3 hour per day driving rule. It’s not the all about the destination.

The Fair Harbor RV park, a mile from the highway, offered us a good, spacious and fairly level pull-thru site.


Fair Harbor RV Park

No need to unhook the toad. We are just over night

No need to unhook the toad. We are just over night

This was an interesting spot, there was a house across from us that looked like Little House on the Prairie and many goats wandering around, but it was cold and damp so we didn’t venture far

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